Creative Arts Courses

The Amazing World of Coloured Pencils 3rd Mar to 4th Mar 2018
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsSaturday to Sunday


Coloured pencil work is now established as a really fun, effective medium. It does not take long to learn (compared with watercolour) although to get the best from it there are techniques worth knowing about. This provides an opportunity to learn some of them and to see how beautiful work can be created using them. The course will concentrate on accurate botanical representation, but the techniques are the same whatever you use pencils for..... read more

Chinese Brush Painting: Flower and BirdCourse Full16th Mar to 18th Mar 2018
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday


During this course we will study flowers and birds in the freehand style, along with brush strokes and ink techniques, to enable participants to build the structures of the subjects and to capture and depict the expression of the spirit..... read more

Paint a Hare in Watercolour17th Mar to 18th Mar 2018
Tutor: Richard BoxSaturday to Sunday


Many of you love hares and some of you have seen Richard's paintings of these wonderful creatures on his website. You then asked, "Do you run a course about how to paint hares?". Here is your answer, Richard has devised one especially for you! You will be guided, step-by-step, through a watercolour process that will produce an image of which you will be proud, if not, thrilled!.... read more

Tulips and Bulbs17th Mar to 18th Mar 2018
Tutor: Jill WinchSaturday to Sunday


In this two day course we will be painting in either watercolour or coloured pencils the many beautiful tulips on offer at this time of year. We will also be looking at the bulbs from which they grow. Jill will give individual tuition throughout the weekend on different techniques and also lots of group demonstrations on how to achieve success..... read more

All Things Bright and Beautiful.......Watercolour/collage beyond the fringe........13th Apr to 15th Apr 2018
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


Take a leap of. confidence into another dimension with watercolour and collage, manipulating papers and colour into dynamic and contemporary compositions. This could be your ticket to freedom! For all levels of experience..... read more

Chinese Painting in freehand style - Landscape 28th Apr to 29th Apr 2018
Tutor: Kaili FuSaturday to Sunday


This course is landscape on rice paper in freehand style. The learners will learn basic elements of landscape painting, and finish complete paintings. The cultural background will be introduced during the course.... read more

Sketch and Keeping a Sketchbook .......18th May to 20th May 2018
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


An opportunity to experience the joys of learning how to see and interpret our surroundings. Throwing caution to the wind, weather permitting we shall venture out and about. The Abbey grounds offer a wealth of subject matter, as does the local village. Also drawing inspiration from everyday objects, working with pen+ink, watercolour and pencil, we shall explore beyond the obvious and develop our own language through observation and experimentation. All levels welcome!.... read more

Birds of Prey with Watercolour Pencil19th May to 20th May 2018
Tutor: Jonathan NeweySaturday to Sunday


This is a two day course that aims to introduce students to drawing and painting portraits of birds of prey with watercolour pencil. The course will practise basic pencil techniques including using the watercolour pencil both dry and wet. The tutor will demonstrate each exercise step by step in a relaxed and friendly manner, showing you how to draw eyes, beaks, feathers and other features of birds of prey..... read more

Chinese Calligraphy - Running Style9th Jun to 10th Jun 2018
Tutor: Xuzhuang LiSaturday to Sunday


Chinese Calligraphy has been regarded as an essential part of Chinese culture and a unique form of oriental art with over 4,000 years of history. Among the five different scripts, running script is the most practical and useful. This weekend course will focus on running script, from basic strokes to some popular phrases and meaningful titles used in Chinese flower- bird and landscape paintings as well as some interesting stand - alone phrases for calligraphy, the course is suitable for all levels and will be conducted with introduction, demonstration and individual supervision in an encouraging and enjoyable way..... read more

Painting Roses in Watercolour9th Jun to 10th Jun 2018
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsSaturday to Sunday


A rose is one of the most fascinating and beautiful of all the flowers. At first the techniques for painting them seem daunting, but if you break down the process it is definitely an accomplishment that can be achieved more easily than expected. Starting with photographs we will analyse difficulties that arise in drawing the flowers and practise the techniques of using watercolours. We can then go to painting directly from the live specimen..... read more

Life Drawing the Chinese WayCourse Full15th Jun to 17th Jun 2018
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday


Use Chinese brush and ink (also colour) to draw from a life model. This course aims to promote the use of Chinese philosophy to observe and express the natural world of beautiful shape through brush stroke and ink techniques. Please note: this course is to be held upstairs in The Barn Hall so unfortunately access is limited..... read more