Creative Crafts Courses

Woodcarving and Stonecarving6th Aug to 10th Aug 2018
Tutor: Dick OniansMonday to Friday


The course aims to introduce complete beginners to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and material (wood or stone) behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas. At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped develop their own projects and skills..... read more

Knitting with Colour - How to Master the Fairisle Technique6th Aug to 8th Aug 2018
Tutor: Jane CrowfootMonday to Wednesday


The Fairisle technique originates from the Shetland Isles and Scandinavian Countries, such as Norway. Fairisle is a knitting technique where yarns are carried across the reverse side of the work to create a 2 layered fabric. Traditional Fairisle patterns use 2 yarn stands, which create beautifully colourful patterns in knitted fabrics. Fairisle is currently incredibly popular and there are many new and exciting patterns on the market, so this is definitely a technique you want to add to your hand knitting repertoire..... read more

Beadweaving: A Festival Of Colour6th Aug to 8th Aug 2018
Tutor: Stephanie BurnhamMonday to Wednesday


Join Stephanie in creating A Festival Of Colour through bead weaving techniques. Have fun with colour, texture and shapes to produce some stunning pieces of jewellery and accessories to keep or give as presents. A really fun course with lots of learning along the way. This would also make a great introduction to this lovely art form as there will be a selection of pieces to choose from with varying degrees of skill levels..... read more

Upholstery RestorationCourse Full6th Aug to 10th Aug 2018
Tutor: David JamesMonday to Friday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Bookmaking: Cut, Fold, Stitch, Stick9th Aug to 10th Aug 2018
Tutor: Gina FerrariThursday to Friday


Cut, fold, stitch and stick - using these simple techniques learn how to create individual and beautiful books. During the two days you will learn a variety of basic book making techniques ranging from simple folded and stitched books, Japanese stab bindings and traditional book construction, using a wide range of materials. You will make books of various shapes and sizes unique to you. No previous experience necessary..... read more

Mosaic: Basic Skills and Techniques15th Aug to 17th Aug 2018
Tutor: Rosalind WatesWednesday to Friday


On this course you will receive an introduction to the wonderful world of mosaic: learn essential skills and techniques, and have the opportunity to make a mosaic to take home for the house or garden. We will use beautiful glass and ceramic tesserae, and there will be a choice of projects available. You will also learn a little about mosaic history and some of the traditional patterns which you can incorporate into your design if you wish..... read more