Textile Courses

Honiton Lace Making30th Jul to 1st Aug 2018
Tutor: Elizabeth TrebbleMonday to Wednesday


A course suitable for all levels of Honiton Lace makers and for lace makers new to Honiton Lace but with experience in other bobbin laces. This course aims to enable learners to improve skills in Honiton Lace making. For those with experience of Honiton Lace working on new or existing projects there is the opportunity to expand knowledge already attained with encouragement to experiment with technique, design and interpretation. For those new to Honiton Lace instruction will be given in the practice and theory of the lace with the commencement of the first project covering the basic techniques required..... read more

Time and change - an Exploration of Surface with Paper, Paint and Cloth6th Aug to 8th Aug 2018
Tutor: Janet EdmondsMonday to Wednesday


Many textile artists are drawn to materials and surfaces weathered by sun, wind and rain, and that are transformed over time into an aesthetic beauty of decay. This course explores surfaces using a variety of methods and processes to achieve images inspired by the ravages of time on weathered and decaying wood, plaster and metal. Surfaces will be further enhanced with stitching to make a series of samples that may be developed into finished pieces of work..... read more

Batik on Fabric and Paper13th Aug to 14th Aug 2018
Tutor: Angela LenmanMonday to Tuesday


Batik is a form of wax resist whereby hot wax is applied to cloth, or paper, which is then covered with dye. The wax will resist the dye and, therefore, a simple pattern is created. By the repeated application of the wax, followed by repeated applications of dyes, in various colours, a complicated pattern can be built up, and indeed a picture or painting. Students will learn the basic techniques of batik, and produce one or more colourful traditional batik designs or pictures on fabric, and several experimental works on paper..... read more

Altered Books15th Aug to 17th Aug 2018
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


We will take an old, unloved hardback book and transform it into a new work of Art! Using a theme of your choice and mixed media, textiles and embroidery we will add vintage and found objects to create and illustrate a book to be treasured..... read more