Textile Courses

Japanese Embroidery7th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Janet CroninWednesday to Friday


This course will cater for all level of student. Beginners will have the opportunity of stitching a simple design designed by the Japanese Embroidery Centre. There is a choice of one of four designs that will teach up to about six beginners stitches. Advanced stitchers will be able to carry on with their existing project. For those who have stitched some Japanese Embroidery I have a selection of small and straightforward designs at various levels..... read more

Honiton Lace7th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Alison Thoburn - NEW TUTORWednesday to Friday


This course is suitable for all levels, from beginners to the experienced. The aim is to tailor the course to the individual. For those new to the discipline, instruction will be given using a project which covers the basic techniques. The more experienced Honiton lacemaker will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in technique, design, and interpretation..... read more

Mark Making for Surface Decoration8th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Janet EdmondsThursday to Friday


During this workshop you will create your own zigzag sketchbook. We will then add some free mark making to the sketchbook and select areas from the marks to interpret into stitch..... read more

"Excellent tutor who gave helpful and timely advice.  Good range of techniques and methods - I really enjoyed it." (Summer School 2019)

Milanese and European Laces19th Aug to 21st Aug 2024
Tutor: Claire BonitoMonday to Wednesday


This is a three day course with a primary focus on Milanese lace with other European laces supported. This course offers individual tuition to focus on a new project, a new lace or continue and make progress on an existing project. This course will give you more concentrated time than a weekly class to make significant progress. The course is taught through individual learning and group demonstrations of techniques as appropriate..... read more

"Excellent tutor! Looking forward to seeing her again." (April 2022)

Points of Departure: Circles19th Aug to 21st Aug 2024
Tutor: Bobbie FrancesMonday to Wednesday


Starting with the simple theme of 'circles', we will be exploring ways to create our own individual designs that can then be translated into stitched textiles or your own craft..... read more