Summer School

Honiton Lace Making5th Aug to 7th Aug 2019
Tutor: Elizabeth TrebbleMonday to Wednesday


A course suitable for all levels of Honiton Lace makers and for lace makers new to Honiton Lace but with experience in other bobbin laces. This course aims to enable learners to improve skills in Honiton Lace making. For those with experience of Honiton Lace working on new or existing projects there is the opportunity to expand knowledge already attained with encouragement to experiment with technique, design and interpretation. For those new to Honiton Lace instruction will be given in the practice and theory of the lace with the commencement of the first project covering the basic techniques required..... read more

Prickly Plants in Coloured Pencil5th Aug to 6th Aug 2019
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Tuesday


Artistically prickly plants represent a bit of a challenge, but the fun is getting round the obstacle. Careful observation, drawing with care and some specialised techniques (all of which will be demonstrated and taught) can help you achieve an arresting, exciting, interesting piece of artwork. Coloured pencil is a surprisingly good medium for this, provided you keep the pencils sharp!.... read more

Chinese Brush Painting: Studying Hongren (Jian Jiang)Course Full5th Aug to 6th Aug 2019
Tutor: William CaiMonday to Tuesday


Through face to face instruction and with demonstrations, this course will introduce the work of the famous artist Hongren (1610-1663), also known as Hong Ren or Jian Jiang, who was a famous painter in the early Qing dynasty, China. In this workshop, through the study and research of Hongren's works, we will understand and master the essence of Chinese painting from the Song and Yuan dynasties: simple and beautiful composition, concise shape, strong brushwork, and the spirit of the work. .... read more

Create Pattern and Texture Inspired by the Work of John Piper5th Aug to 7th Aug 2019
Tutor: Janet EdmondsMonday to Wednesday


Inspired by John Piper's idea of the aesthetic beauty of pleasing decay, we will create images of old buildings using machine embroidery over mono printed surfaces..... read more

Pure Contemporary Watercolours - where creativity knows no bounds!Course Full5th Aug to 7th Aug 2019
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


If you feel you are stuck in a rut, have artist's block or just want to explore ideas, this is a must. Experimenting with daring colours, strong contrasts and whacky composition will be the disorder of every day, and much more. Each day will be peppered with short demonstrations, group and individual tuition encouraging individuality and sharing of ideas. .... read more

Upholstery RestorationCourse Full5th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: David JamesMonday to Friday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Woodcarving and Stonecarving5th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Dick OniansMonday to Friday


The course aims to introduce complete beginners to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and wood behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas. At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped develop their own projects and skills..... read more

Drawing for the Terrified06 Aug 2019
Tutor: Richard BoxTuesday


Are you terrified of drawing but to have a secret longing to learn how to do it? On this one day course, Richard will guide you through certain processes slowly, gently and step by step..... read more

Sketching Landscapes and Buildings with Pen and Wash7th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Jonathan NeweyWednesday to Friday


This is a three day course that will introduce you to sketching landscapes and buildings in the landscape with pen and watercolour wash. You will be shown how to combine waterproof pen with a watercolour wash to sketch buildings in the landscape including architectural detail, trees, bushes and figures for scale. Using demonstrations and working from photographs supplied by the tutor, you will be shown how each technique can be achieved. Ideal for beginners and students with some knowledge..... read more

Crochet - What Next? Tools and Techniques7th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Diana BenstedWednesday to Friday


Have you learned to crochet, but want some ideas on what to make next? Have you been crocheting a while and want to learn something new? Terrified of Tunisian? Apprehensive about Amigurumi? This course will settle all those nerves, give you new crochet skills and understanding with techniques and projects..... read more

Seashore and Flowers: Landscape in Ink and Coloured Pencil8th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBAThursday to Friday


A new approach to landscape, using ink and coloured pencil in an integrated way to create a balanced image (without colouring in). Ink contrasts pleasingly with the soft, smooth textures of coloured pencil. Using a range of easily managed techniques, you will create seascapes with their appropriate local flora. Select what appeals to you - from Scottish heather to South Coast chalk plants - and bring your own images or choose from the tutor's inspirational collection. .... read more

Mah Jongg - Traditional Chinese way to play8th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Xuzhuang LiThursday to Friday


Mah Jongg has been known as the Chinese national game for centuries. The beauty of tiles, the variety of rules, the eastern tradition and culture in the playing makes the game 'logical, competitive and addictive'. Contrary to common belief, it is easy to learn how to play this fascinating game, but as in many other games, the more one learns, the more one realises how much one needs to learn, The course will be taught in an enjoyable and relaxing way. All - comers welcome..... read more

Creative Paper Cutting Inspired by Lettering8th Aug to 9th Aug 2019
Tutor: Christine GreenThursday to Friday


This two day course will introduce you to a wide variety of cut out items and a little bit of history about paper cutting. You will learn the basic techniques for successful designing and cutting. As well as lots of top tips, you will master using lettering as a starting point, and you will produce several completed items..... read more

Exploring the Celtic Twilight12th Aug to 13th Aug 2019
Tutor: Richard StoneMonday to Tuesday


The people known to us as the Picts, chronicled by others but not by themselves, speak to us through a rich artistic legacy, notably skilfully and intricately carved stones. This course explores what we can learn of Pictish life and culture from their art and monuments, and begins with an investigation of Post-Roman Britain in the Age of Arthur..... read more

Bark and Lichens12th Aug to 14th Aug 2019
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Wednesday


Twigs covered in lichen growth are attractive subjects, with shapes and colours that are worth exploring. Being able to add details like bark can enhance a painting, so practising them is really a good exercise. The course will give you information on how to recognise lichens, how to draw their interesting shapes, how to make their special colours, and how to tackle the process of illustrating bark. .... read more

Bold, expressive Ink and WatercolourCourse Full12th Aug to 14th Aug 2019
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


A melange of Indian Ink and watercolour, or just ink and water - a potent mix - a recipe for creative exploration. Whether you are experienced or not, there will be a lot on offer. We shall interpret whatever we find within the Abbey and its grounds, or re-imagine our own sketches through experimental play with a fast and loose approach…………..... read more

Fun with Lino Cutting12th Aug to 13th Aug 2019
Tutor: Anna PyeMonday to Tuesday


Enjoy this fun, creative printmaking workshop. You will learn about the tools, techniques and materials used in this exciting medium, to design and cut your own design on a block of lino, ink it up and print it by hand on a variety of papers. Warning: this can become an addiction!!.... read more

Patchwork and Quilting: Triangle Trickery (aka Squashed Frogs!)12 Aug 2019
Tutor: Janice Gunner MSDCMonday


Spend a relaxing day learning how to make these deceptively simple, manipulated fabric origami patchwork shapes. I devised these clever little textural patchwork segments back in 1997 when I was studying for my City & Guilds Part 2 (now Diploma) in Patchwork & Quilting and they are still going strong today! Triangle Trickery units look great made in cotton fabric but are even more spectacular when made in silk! .... read more

Tai Ji Quan, and Qigong Course Full12th Aug to 14th Aug 2019
Tutor: Clare SkeltonMonday to Wednesday


Nurture yourself with three days of gentle exercise to enhance your health and well-being. These traditional Chinese health arts, Tai Ji Quan and Qigong (Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung), create stillness in the mind whilst also increasing vitality and fitness. Your ability to relax, your flexibility, co-ordination and balance will improve with practice. Steve Gorwits (instructor with the Longfei Taijiquan Assoc GB, and a BCCMA L2 Coach) will be joining us for one day of the course, bringing his expertise to broaden your experience and to allow us to give you more individual attention. The course is open to everyone, no previous experience is necessary..... read more

Atarashii Patchwork - Japanese Folded and Quilted Patchwork13 Aug 2019
Tutor: Janice Gunner MSDCTuesday


The Japanese term Atarashii Patchwork translates as 'new patchwork'. Devised by Japanese quilter Sashiyo Muraki, it was first published in Japanese book of techniques in 1984. It is a deceptively simple technique which makes up into delightful little quilt-as-you-go units that can be turned into a variety of items such as bags, boxes, table mats and wall hangings. This hand stitching workshop will introduce you to the technique and give ideas and inspiration for other projects..... read more

Chinese Painting on Silk in Meticulous Style - Ancient Ladies14th Aug to 16th Aug 2019
Tutor: Kaili FuWednesday to Friday


Meticulous style on silk is more than a two thousand year old traditional Chinese art form and figure painting has been one of the three main subjects in Chinese brush painting (along with flower and bird and landscape painting). Suitable for both beginners and more experienced, this course will teach you how to paint 'Ancient ladies' in meticulous style on silk and sized rice paper. In this course you will learn how to use brown brush to draw fine line for face and cloths, how to use two brushes to colour face and clothes. .... read more

Art Journalling14th Aug to 16th Aug 2019
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


During this three day art journalling course we will enjoy discovering many different aspects of art journalling with an exciting and adventurous combination of mixed media techniques. .... read more

Knitting with Colour - How to master the Fairisle and Intarsia techniques15 Aug 2019
Tutor: Jane CrowfootThursday


Knitting with colour is fun and really effective and, with a few key skills, the worlds of Fairisle and Intarsia are relatively easy to master. The Fairisle technique originates from the Shetland Isles and Scandinavian countries and is a technique where yarns are carried across the reverse side of the work to create a two layered, repeated pattern, fabric. The intarsia method is used to create larger 'blocks' of colour where yarns are not repeated across a row..... read more

Botanical Illustration: Luscious Leaves and all things Green15th Aug to 16th Aug 2019
Tutor: Jill WinchThursday to Friday


On this two day course on leaves and all things green, we will look at the challenges required to achieve the correct colour. During the many years I have taught this subject, painting leaves is always the one area that seems to be problematic, and intimidating. I aim to take out the mystique of painting a leaf, fruit or vegetable - in fact, anything green! Simple and helpful information will be given on achieving the correct colour, in particular greens. Participants are very welcome to bring along anything green they have been struggling with....... read more

Finishing Techniques for Handknitters16 Aug 2019
Tutor: Jane CrowfootFriday


This workshop will show participants how to get a really neat finish on all their knitted projects. Participants will be shown how to avoid the most common pitfalls of finishing off hand knitted projects and by the end of the course will know how to achieve a neat and even tension, how to work a really neat neck line (shaping and picking up stitches) and how to join pieces using mattress stitch. Jane will also share other professional tips and techniques along the way..... read more